Where to find Lumidouce Bells in Genshin Impact 4.0

Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell locations - Eula standing by a flower
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The new Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell material is one of version 4.0's regional specialities for Fontaine. If you've ventured into the land of the Hydro Archon, you're likely still getting your bearings and puzzling out where everything is. Unlike the Rainbow Roses that are used for Lyney, Lumidouce Bells are required to level his four-star sister, Lynette. 

As with Collei for Sumeru, Lynette is a free character for everyone playing now and in the future, so gathering these flowers is a task you'll have to complete if you want to try her out while exploring Fontaine. All that being said, here are the Lumidouce Bell locations in Genshin Impact 4.0.

Where to find Lumidouce Bells

The Lumidouce Bell flower can be found all across the new region of Fontaine, but you can gather the most by the Court of Fontaine, and in the hills around Elynas in the Beryl Region. Your best bet for finding them all quickly is via the official Genshin Impact interactive map—who knows the game better than the people who made it? Since Fontaine is quite compact in comparison to the other game's regions right now, there are only 25 Lumidouce Bell flowers to grab. 

The good news, however,  is that each flower gives you three Lumidouce Bells, meaning you can currently gather 75 at a time. As you likely know already, regional specialities respawn every 48 hours in Genshin Impact, so you can never farm enough to level up a character fully in one go.

Still, it's likely that as the Fontaine storyline expands, so too will the region and the number of materials you can farm at once. The same thing happened with Inazuma and its islands. The flowers themselves are quite easy to spot, and because of their blue-ish colour, you're unlikely to confuse them at a distance for Marcottes or Rainbow Roses, Fontaine's other regional specialities. You can also get four free Lumidouce Bells by talking to Potier in the Court of Fontaine. He only comes out in the day by the big fountain, but chatting with him will net you some extras to speed up your farm. 

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