Get 5 issues of PC Gamer magazine for $5/£5 in the Spring Sale

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Spring is finally here. The birds are chirping, plants are sprouting, and Magazines Direct has a brand new sale. This Spring, you can get 5 issues of PC Gamer for just £5/$5 when you become a subscriber which is, frankly, a steal.

This discount not only includes a physical copy of the magazine, but also a digital version too, so you can read your favourite gaming magazine on the go. There are plenty of other hobbyist magazines over on Magazines Direct, so make sure to check out other subscriptions with the same offer.

For those in the UK, the most recent issue is our Back 4 Blood April issue where we chat to the developers of the gory co-op zombie shooter and size up if it will be a worthy successor to the iconic Left 4 Dead. The most recent magazine in the US is the PC gaming legends issue where we take a look back through gaming history and pick out eight games that defined us as PC Gamers. 

Here are the official start and end dates for the Spring sale:

  • Offer starts: 10 am GMT/3 am PST on March 22
  • Offer ends: 10 am GMT/3 am PST on May 3

And if you need a little reminder of the benefits of subscribing, here's a rundown of everything PC Gamer magazine offers.

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